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An exhibit with a purpose.

For nearly three decades, Visión En Acción Misión Rescate A.C. (Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary) in Juárez, Mexico, has provided refuge for those grappling with neurological and mental challenges.


The Mentes Hermosas (Beautiful Minds) Photo Exhibit aims to spotlight these remarkable individuals, too often marginalized, overlooked, or misjudged.

Art Moreno Jr. Photography Logo
Art Moreno Jr Photographer - El Paso TX
Mentes Hermosas - Photography Exhibit

El Paso photographer Art Moreno Jr. (pictured below) captured each portrait on location with the help of his assistant, David Meneses, and the sanctuary founder, Pastor Jose Antonio Galvan (pictured right).

Mentes Hermosas

For those battling mental illness, the demands on their well-being can feel relentless and overwhelming. Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary stands as a beacon of compassionate support for individuals needing ongoing care.

Mentes Hermosas - Asylum Photography Exhibit

This exhibit features 110 captivating images printed on 24x60" double-sided, ultra-transparent floor-standing acrylic panels. These panels beautifully display the vibrant colors and intricate details of the photographs. The choice of medium ensures exceptional print fidelity and straightforward color management, resulting in a flawless final product. Crafted in Italy with meticulous attention to detail, these custom-made panels promise breathtaking results.

Mentes Hermosas - Mental Asylum Exhibit
Mentes Hermosas
Mentes Hermosas


Joel Salcido, a close friend of Art Moreno, Jr. and a fellow photographer, proposed an inspiring idea: providing digital cameras to patients, empowering them to express their world visually. Some striking black-and-white photos showcased here and in the subsequent pages were captured using these cameras. These images will be an adjunct to the exhibit.

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