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An exhibit with a purpose.

For the past 25 years, Visión En Acción Misión Rescate A.C. (Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary) in Juárez, Mexico has been a sanctuary for individuals suffering with neurological and mental conditions.


The Mentes Hermosas (Beautiful Minds) Exhibit is centered on drawing the public's attention toward these precious individuals who are often feared, forgotten or misunderstood and raising support for the sanctuary through financial assistance and volunteerism.

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Art Moreno Jr Photographer - El Paso TX
Mentes Hermosas - Photography Exhibit

Each portrait was captured on location by El Paso photographer, Art Moreno Jr. (pictured below) with the help of his assistant David Meneses and the sanctuary founder Pastor Jose Antonio Galvan (pictured right).

Mentes Hermosas

For those struggling with mental illness, their needs can be extensive and ever-present. The Vision in Action Mental Health Sanctuary offers free and loving assistance to a population in need of constant care on a daily basis.

Mentes Hermosas - Asylum Photography Exhibit

The 110 images shown in this exhibit will be printed on 24x60” double-sided, ultra transparent floor standing acrylic panels to showcase the vibrant colors and stunning details of the photos. This medium offers great print fidelity and simple color management that lends itself to an impeccable finished product. The panels are custom-made in Italy for breathtaking results.

Mentes Hermosas - Mental Asylum Exhibit
Mentes Hermosas
Mentes Hermosas


Joel Salcido, a friend of Art Moreno, Jr. and a fellow photographer, suggested he take this project further by purchasing a handful of digital cameras for the patients to use so that they might visually share their world with us. Some of the black and white photos you see here and in the following pages were taken with those cameras.