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The Photographer

Art Moreno Jr., grew up in a family owned camera shop in El Paso, Texas. He comes from a lineage of photography lovers who taught him the art of holding your breath while you squeeeeeze the shutter button. 


Art, however, is more than a picture-taker. He is a lover of God and humanity. He longs to see people whole, sane, and saved. A former addict who had a profound experience of God’s loving and healing grace, he now strives to use his gifts to illustrate how each person is both fearfully and wonderfully made. Art resides in El Paso, Texas with his wife and two children.

Portrait by Joel Salcido Photography

David Meneses, removed his shoes in order to keep the backdrop clean during a lighting test shot. He is holding a light meter and wipe in his hands.

"I’ve been trying to explain to my wife, Verna, the mini-stories I saw today. The sparkling wit or smile of quite a few, the dead spirit or soul, those too profoundly disabled, and the humanity of the staff. The various way the pastor interacted with the residents is also a story of its own. He seemed so tender with that broken man (Ambrosio/Elvis). This is important work, Art. Well done.”

Ambrosio/Elvis with the Pastor

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